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Don't worry, this is not a Valentine. Just some good news, travel, culture & a little politics wrapped in an obvious theme.

February 2020:

Dear Friends, new & old: You know the month, I tried to avoid the theme but it persisted (sort of). A lot of articles & clips here, but I will have some original interviews, content and news for you next month so please stay tuned! Hope your Feb was a good one, you no doubt have big things coming this year and I can’t wait to learn about them! In the meantime, feel free to connect with me on InstagramTwitterLinkedinMedium, my Podcast or Blog.

What’s the good news

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Fight The Good Fight

I don’t have much to add at this frustrating time between our deranged president, election interference, pardoned criminals, messy caucus’, and endless debates, but…keep going. We need everybody and we have a lot to do in 2020, so here are some helpful tips & interviews for insight. Plus one alarming read from the Financial Times: the richest 1 percent of Americans now account for more than half of all share ownership. The bottom 90 percent own only 12 percent of the total. Ugh. Something’s gotta give.

For some comic relief, please enjoy this classic clip from one of my favorite funny guys John Mulaney (from his hilarious “Kid Gorgeous” standup special on Netflix), which perfectly sums up our current political situation.

Thank you for reading! Carrie xo (

P.S. Here is your monthly cocktail recipe: Love Potion Cocktail

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